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Tired of feeling tired, struggle with brain fog, low libido, and cannot lose weight to name only a few. Let's evaluate your hormones! You don't have to live this way. Book an appointment NOW!

Testostersone for Men

We specialize in balancing men hormones, through testosterone replacement therapy

Medical Weight Loss

Our medical weight loss program includes the FDA-prescribed medication, nutrition and exercise.

IV hydration

Our IV drips are medically designed to deliver superior nutrients to promote your overall well-being.

Women's Hormones

We specialize in balancing women's hormones, improving quality of life holistically

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Taking care of your health

We accept cash/credit

Insurance is mundane, no need to worry about lack of insurance or when the next bill will arrive. Our telehealth services will improve access to care and is cost-effective. You get the best care you deserve.

The ONLY Medical Clinic for Men in the Area

The Optimal T Clinic provides services via in-person and telehealth. Providing individualized, accessible, and transparent care to the Cleveland community.


Debbie Kibwage FNP-BC, our Optimal T Clinic provider will provide compassionate, holistic care catered to your experiences and your body.

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2163 N. Ocoee Street
Cleveland, TN 37311

Open Times:
Monday & Wednesday's 12 pm to 6 pm &
Fridays 10 am to 4 pm


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