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Optimal Weight Loss Solutions - Weight Loss Program

We offer several options for weight loss, but we are pleased to office the FDA approved weight loss injection semaglutide, mounjaro and phenteramine for all your weight loss needs.

Offering Semaglutide Therapy

Under the trade name "Wegovy," semaglutide is a once-weekly injection that has been giving impressive weight reduction benefits this year. With the addition of L-carnitine, our compounding pharmacy has made the primary component in Wegovy, Semaglutide, more powerful for fat removal. L-carnitine is a highly effective fat mobilization amino acid.

Semaglutide, a potent peptide, is appropriate for people who need to drop a significant amount of weight. In conjunction with other lifestyle changes, our Semaglutide formulation, together with L- carnitine, can help patients lose 50-100 pounds.

After a year (68 weeks), participants who maintained the maintenance dosage of Semaglutide together with a lower-calorie diet and exercise lost 10% to 16% of their body weight.

Group Exercise

What is Semaglutide?

What is Semaglutide? 

GLP-1, a hormone generated in the small intestine that promotes insulin production, is a once-weekly injectable diabetic treatment. This peptide reduces blood sugar by inhibiting glucagon secretion.

Who is Semaglutide for?

Originally designed for diabetes control, the FDA has now authorized this injection for chronic weight management in people with obesity (BMI 30) or overweight individuals (BMI 27) with at least one weight-related disorder to assist them in losing weight and keeping it off.

What are the benefits of Semaglutide?

Weight loss, insulin regulation, PCOS improvement, cardiovascular benefits, lowers blood pressure, neuroprotective, among others.

Medical Weight Loss Packages

Labs are taken first ($150) to rule out any underlying medical concerns.


Tier 1


This is a 12-week program that includes virtual visits, Semaglutide, a weekly subcutaneous injection (GLP-1 diabetic medicine) that is also FDA-authorized for weight reduction, delivered to your home, and nutritional and exercise counseling.

Many patients are on this medicine for more than 12 weeks in order to attain their desired weight, manage persistent obesity, or treat insulin resistance. After 12 weeks, you can purchase extra medicine and continue with monthly weigh-ins.

Sport Exercise

Tier 2


This tier is pay as you go. It includes a monthly visit with our board-certified nurse practitioner and a prescription for Phentermine (must qualify).

Lipo shots $40 each extra

$75 per month

Athletic Girl

Tier 3


Lipo B-12 shot

Helps your body break down fat during metabolism in the body

*Also we offer Semaglutide pay-as-you-go, $200 per month, labs not included. 

*Ask about our Tirzapatide Medical Weight Loss Program


Eligibility Requirements

What would disqualify me from using Semaglutide?

Hx of pancreatitis, kidney disease, multiple endocrine neoplasia, medullary thyroid carcinoma

What would prevent me from qualifying for Phentermine?

High blood pressure, glaucoma, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, glaucoma, psychotic disorders, alcoholism, drug abuse

Find the root cause

Hormone imbalance is frequently the cause of obstinate weight gain and difficulty to decrease weight beyond the age of 30. We want to get to the bottom of this!

Let's go further and do a baseline hormone panel to get you started on your path to rapid fat reduction!

After reviewing your lab findings, it may be preferable to have your hormones regulated first. Following that, after the first 5-6 weeks, we would begin a weight loss program.
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