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Oral Semaglutide

The use of GLP-1 receptor agonists has grown worldwide. Although this class involves mostly injectable medications, there is another option. Oral Semaglutide. Many patients would prefer to avoid injections if possible, for these reasons prescribers and patients may prefer a compounded formulation of semaglutide.

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What is Sublingual Semaglutide and how is it different?

Sublingual (SL) semaglutide is a compounded suspension of semaglutide that is designed to be administered under the tongue. Pour formulation utilizes a special base designed with the intent to carry large molecules (high molecular weight substances), such as semaglutide through the oral mucosal membrane. In a recent vitro study this base was shown to deliver semaglutide into and through human gingival and oral tissues. In addition, this base was designed with permeation-enhancing and unique muco adhesive properties to help drive medication into the mucosal tissue. Doses are easily adjustable and there are no shots or needles involved. Also, taking smaller doses more frequently can reduce the difference between trough and peak drug levels, leading to a smoother titration and a smoother steady state concentration as compared to once weekly dosing.

What is the dosage and how is it supplied?

This is compounded Semaglutide 1mg/ml suspension

Starting dose (if taking it for the first time):

0.25 mg dose= 0.25 ml daily for 2 weeks

0.5 mg dose = 0.5 ml daily for 4 weeks and if needed can increase to 0.75 ml to 1 mg dose daily for another 1-2 weeks

Total almost 2 months dosage


Cost for 1-2 months supply $450


Call the Optimal T Clinic for a 15 Minute Free Consultation to see if you're eligible.

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