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Thank you for considering Optimal T Clinic! We will require your lab results and a health history questionnaire to evaluate if you are a candidate for testosterone replacement therapy. Prior to your meeting, we will review your information.

You are not a candidate for testosterone if you are under the age of 18.

Become a Testostosterone Client

For Your Appointment

1. Complete your online portal with Optimal Men's intake forms, set up your appointment

2. Your visit will include a history and physical, you will have your blood drawn at our clinic at that time (or at a lab facility near you before the visit).

***Do NOT have sex or ejaculate for 72 hours prior to the blood draw (this will affect your PSA level). ***

Sorry, we do not accept Insurance at the moment.

If you want to utilize your insurance, it is your responsibility to determine if your insurance company will pay the cost of the labs BEFORE HAVING THEM DRAWN. We should get the test findings within a week or less, we call you to review labs and treatment options with you.

3. Forward a copy of your most recent prostate exam to our office, if you have one.

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Male Testosterone Replacement Fees: (Discounted visit)

Initial Consultation: (45 minutes): $250, full set of labs (obtained at the office) 1st month injections, in-clinic visit, and vitamin B-12 shot

Monthly fee for in-clinic or self-administered injections: $149/month

Recommended Supplements - should any of these supplements be recommended/added to your treatment plan cost could be $35-200/month

Follow-up labs 3 months $50 (cash price) included in monthly fees

No charge for lab review or follow-up visits.

Yearly lab panel thereafter $150 (cash price)

The average male hormone TRT patient will spend approximately $200-300 per month.

*10% discount off 1st initial visit for any referrals
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